Fumed Silica Alternatives to Aerosil 200

June 1, 2018

Aerosil® 200 is one of the most widely used hydrophilic fumed silica in the world. We are collecting some similar/equivalent fumed silica models from other suppliers, in case who is interested.

Fumed silica equivalent to Aerosil 200

These products listed below has very similar specifications, and can be alternative to each other in most applications.

Aerosil 200 – Evonik
Cab-o-sil M5 – Cabot
HDK N20 – Wacker
REOLOSIL QS102 – Tokuyama
XYSIL 200 – Xunyuchem
Orisil 200 – Orilsil, LTD.

These copyright of brands/names belong to their own repectable owners, we don’t intend to abuse, only for info purpose. We will remove according to the request from copyright owners.

This list is based on our limited actknowledge, and you are welcome to provide any useful info in the comment below.

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  1. XYSIL® Fumed Silica - XUNYU CHEM wrote:

    Alternative to Aerosil 200 fumed silica

    XYSIL 200 is a hydrophilic fumed silica, has similar specifications to: Aerosil 200, Cab-o-sil M5, HDK N20, Reolosil QS102, Orisil 200. XYSIL 200 has been exported to US&Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Iran, India, Thailand. It’s has been used…

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